At Capital Fabrications we specialise in the production of many products.

These are products we have manufactured for years, and we are confident you will not find a higher quality product on the market. Our products include:

Back Painted Glass and Internal Glass Decoration

Capital is able to carry out fast track glass wall panel installation to high-rise apartments, hotels, villas, airports and most commercial and retail projects. Back painted glass wall panels, shower screens, splash-backs, advertising paneling, glass floors and balustrading are amongst the many items we design, fabricate and install.

Mashrabiya Screens & Façade Shading

Capital Fabrications LLC are able to produce all conceivable designs and patterns of detailed mashrabiya concepts both traditional and modern utilising water jet and laser cutting technology. Cutting through stainless steel, aluminum, corten steel, acrylic, glass etc it is possible to achieve the clients and architects utmost aesthetical requirements with the highest degree of accuracy and finish. Panels and structures can be finished using polished stainless steel, brushed aluminum, polyester powder coated, antique bronze, bead blasting etc. Shading or divisional screens for hotels, restaurants, offices, retail and commercial areas can now be bespoke whilst incorporating corporate images, logos and alike.

Balcony Glass and Railings

Capital Fabrications LLC were the UK’s leading balcony specialists, providing bespoke balconies for the UK’s leading developers. Utilising our own unique designed bracketry system,we are able to carry out fast track, high-rise installations of factory-finished balconies in single units.

With no scaffolding required and rapid balcony installation techniques, Capital provides its clients with substantial financial and programme benefits. Capital use a post-less, glazed balustrading system to ensure balcony users have uninterrupted views of surrounding outlooks.

Link Bridges and Walkways

Capital Fabrications LLC have executed projects demanding link bridges, suspension bridges, footbridges and walkways to various residential and commercial projects.

Utilising steel, glass, and timber we are able to offer unique options to our clients for both indoor and outdoor requirements.

By undertaking steel, glass and timber options we are able to interface all the products to ensure a bespoke and coordinated product is delivered. Walkway and bridge balustrades typically comprise glass, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel cables/ turnbuckles and rods as well as woven mesh and many other finish options.

Staircases, Balustrades and Protection Rails

Capital offer different materials and finishes on their projects, from simple bolted balustrade panels to complex cable structures in forming staircases.

Staircases are created from either mild steel all stainless steel with various tread options including glass, chequer plate, grating, timber etc.

Balustrades can vary from bolted glass panels, decorative infill panels, stainless steel cabling, perforated or laser cut mashrabiya. Finishes normally include either powder coated, PVDF,painted, galvanised, mirror polished, brush polished, or bead blasted.

Glazed Canopies and Pergolas

Capital supply and erect glazed canopies and external pergolas as links between buildings, or as carport and public shading on residential and commercial projects.

Dependent on the size of the structure whether it is a canopy or pergola the materials will generally comprise either mild steel, stainless or aluminum.

Covering to the structure would comprise either glass, laser cut panels, extruded aluminum, timber, fabric etc to suit the surrounding environment.

Bespoke Stainless Steel Features

Stainless steel plays a major part in Capital’s portfolio. By using laser cutting of profiles and sheet materials, Capital can meet the clients and design teams most demanding requirements.

By adopting modern tubular profiles in stainless steel we are able to produce the highest quality finish for today’s most demanding architectural requirements.

We source quality materials and finishes from a wide range of suppliers around the world who work closely with Capital in providing specialist finishes and competitive pricing.

Custom Products

We use stainless steel connection rods and stainless steel wire cables on balustrades to give beach, coastal and marina locations an appealing and traditional nautical and oceanic finish. The use of specialist bracing products, together with glass finishes combine to give some projects a sophisticated and modern image.

Laser and waterjet cutting processes enable Capital to provide neat, highly detailed and ornate finishes to a wide range of materials including aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, glass, stone etc.

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